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Kiramager’s Mio Kudo Cast in Rent-A-Girlfriend Drama Adaptation

Casting Announcements

Kiramager’s Mio Kudo Cast in Rent-A-Girlfriend Drama Adaptation

Mashin Sentai Kiramager star Mio Kudo has been cast as Ruka Sarashina in the drama adaptation of Rent-A-Girlfriend.

The cast of the upcoming drama, Rent-A-Girlfriend, has been gradually revealed during this spring season to promote the show’s summer premiere. Now, Mashin Sentai Kiramager‘s own Mio Kudo (Sayo Oharu / Kiramai Pink) has been revealed as Ruka Sarashina, one of the four poster girls for the series.

Based on the manga and anime of the same name, Rent-A-Girlfriend follows the story of college student Kazuya Kinoshita who is forced to introduce his rental girlfriend, Chizuru Mizuhara, to his family while coping with his first ever breakup. Together, the two must maintain their charade in front of their friends and family in order to hide Chizuru’s secret rental girlfriend career.

Kudo’s character, Ruka Sarashina, appears partway through the story as the high schooler rental girlfriend of Kazuya’s close friend. When she falls in love with Kazuya, he’s left with no choice but to humor the aggressive girl’s desire to be his girlfriend even as he falls in love with Chizuru. As a tokusatsu alumnus, Mio Kudo is also known for her role in Kamen Rider Ghost as Kanon Fukami, the younger sister of Makoto Fukami / Kamen Rider Specter.

The cast of the Rent-A-Girlfriend drama also includes Ryusei Onishi as Kazuya Kinoshita, live-action Tokyo Ghoul star Hiyori Sakurada as Chizuru Mizuhara, and Shiori Akita as Mami Nanami, Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend.

Rent-A-Girlfriend will air this July in a late night timeslot alongside the second season of the anime which will start on July 1, 2022 in Japan.

Source: Rent-A-Girlfriend Drama Official Twitter

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