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Rider Hero Series EX Kamen Rider Amazons Set Announced


Rider Hero Series EX Kamen Rider Amazons Set Announced


Premium Bandai has announced a new exclusive two pack for the Rider Hero Series vinyl figure line featuring Kamen Rider Amazons‘ two Riders.

The Rider Hero Series is a popular line of soft vinyl figures (called “sofubi” in Japan) that frequently release every year and collect the main Riders and their forms throughout the run of the toy line. Being an online exclusive series, Kamen Rider Amazons is a bit of a special case, and as such, the sofubi figures for Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega will be releasing exclusively as a set via Premium Bandai.


Each figure stands roughly 179mm and features a higher quality paint deco than figures usually found at standard retail. Each figure features a slight metallic sheen to their paint, as well as fully painted Amazons Drivers and other such details. As with most sofubi figures, they feature rotations at the shoulders and waist, but that is that for articulation.

Preorders for the Kamen Rider Amazons Set began April 28th, 2016 and will conclude on June 27th, 2016. The set of sofubi will cost ¥3,780 before fees and shipping, and will release in September, 2016.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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