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“Kamen Rider W” Actor, Masaki Suda, Cast in Oboreru Knife


“Kamen Rider W” Actor, Masaki Suda, Cast in Oboreru Knife


Kamen Rider W actor, Masaki Suda, has been cast in the live-action film adaptation of Oboreru Knife

Masaki Suda, who portrayed Phillip in Kamen Rider W, has been cast as Koichiro Hasegawa in the upcoming Oboreru Knife adaptation.

Oboreru Knife, or The Knife That Dropped in Water, stars Nana Komatsu (Bakuman) as Natsume Mochizuki, a teen model in Tokyo forced to move to her father’s home town of Ukigumo, where she cannot do the things she wants to do. She meets Kochiro Hasegawa, the heir of a rich and influential family. An attraction for one another arises, but something changes their fates.

Oboreru Knife is based on the manga series of the same name by George Asakura which was published from October, 2004 to December 2013 in Japanese shojo manga magazine, “Bessatsu Friend.”

Oboreru Knife will air in the fall of 2016, and will be distributed by Gaga Corporation.

Source: AsianWiki, Anime News Network


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