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Kamen Rider Super Movie War Genesis Takes 4th Place in Theaters


Kamen Rider Super Movie War Genesis Takes 4th Place in Theaters


This year’s Kamen Rider Movie War feature was released over the weekend.

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost and Drive Super Movie War Genesis was released December 12th and took 4th place in Japanese theaters over the weekend. The latest feature in the yearly Kamen Rider team up sees Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Drive head to the past to confront figures from their own stories.

The seventh film in the Kamen Rider crossover movie series that acts as the “passing of the torch” film will feature Kamen Rider Drive (with a new form called Zero Drive) and the latest hero, Kamen Rider Ghost. In addition to that, Kamen Rider Chaser will appear as a guiding presence for Kamen Rider Mach.

The movie begins with Ghost and Drive chasing a common enemy. The two will meet up while chasing a Ganma and are then affected by a time distortion that sends them 10 years into the past when Shinnosuke Tomari had not yet known about Mr. Belt while Takeru Tenkuuji finds his father. In the present timeline, the Roidmudes have been revived and Kamen Rider Specter, Kamen Rider Mach, and Kamen Rider Chaser fight desperately to stop them. Takeru finds the resolve to save the remnants of what is left of his late father, unbeknownst to him that this was all according to a plan devised by Leonardo daVinci who was revived as a Ganma.

Kamen Rider Ghost is the 17th Heisei Rider series. It tells the story of Takeru Tenkuji, a student who died and uses the power of the Ghost Driver to come back to fight the Ganma and recover the Eyecons.

Kamen Rider Drive, the 16th Heisei show, is about Tomari Shinnosuke, a member of the Special Investigations Division, and his fight against the Roidmudes.

Source: Movie Walker

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