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Ryouta Murai and Rina Takeda to Star in “Doku Mushi”


Ryouta Murai and Rina Takeda to Star in “Doku Mushi”


The star of Kamen Rider Decade joins the star of Attack on Titan in a psychological thriller.

Ryouta Murai, known for his portrayal of Yusuke Onodera (Kamen Rider Decade’s alternate version of Kuuga), is starring alongside Rina Takeda, who played Lil in Attack on Titan, in Doku Mushi.

Doku Mushi, or “Poison Insect,” is based on a manga by Miscio Yaku and Keito Aida. The story is about seven strangers trapped in an abandoned school who are being manipulated into resorting to cannibalism.

The film is directed by Kayoko Asakura and will see a limited release on April 9, 2016. While in theaters, it will also be available to rent on Nico Nico.

Source: Crunchyroll

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