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Makai no Hana Star to Play Lead in Garo Anime


Makai no Hana Star to Play Lead in Garo Anime


Masei Nakayama, who portrayed Raiga/Garo in the fourth season of the franchise, Makai no Hana, has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Garo: Crimson Moon anime. 

Nakayama will portray Raiko, holder of the Garo title in the Crimson Moon anime series. Raiko was raised by his master Seimei to inherit the legacy of the Makai Knights and guards Heian-kyo, now known as Kyoto.

Additional cast members and characters have also been announced, the majority of which were main cast members in the first anime.


Romi Paku will play the character of Seimei. Seimei is described as having a past shrouded in mystery and being someone who loves bizarre things. Akiko Yajima will play Kintoki, a student under the care of Raiko. Daisuke Namikawa, who was cast as Leon, the Garo in the first anime, will play Fujiwarano Yasusuke, the heir to a noble lineage currently serving the emperor.


Kenyuu Horiuchi, who played Leon’s father in the first anime, will play Fijwarano Michinaga, an influential person in the city. He rose to power by betraying people who stood in his way. Tomokazu Seki plays Ashiya Douman, a priest very little is known about other than his hate of the light.

SourceMoCa News via AnimeNewsNetwork

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