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Next Time On Ultraman X: Episode 6


Next Time On Ultraman X: Episode 6


Ultraman and Daichi attempt to stop a boy merged with a monster Next Time on Ultraman X: Episode 6.

Episode 6: The Man with the Memory of the Stars

Teru, the boy who arrived suddenly in the city and caused a stir due to his dubious origin. He merged with a monster called Rudian and starts marching into the city. With the knowledge of Teru healing an injured girl, Daichi unites with Ultraman X and puts a stop to Rudian, believing that Teru does not have ill intentions. While examining both Teru and Rudian, a dreadful truth comes to light. A terrible Demon after Rudian’s secret is headed to Earth.

New episodes of Ultraman X are streamed every Tuesday on Crunchyroll.

Source: TV-Tokyo

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