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Complete Selection Modification Diendriver & Diend Belt Announced


Complete Selection Modification Diendriver & Diend Belt Announced


After the success of the Complete Selection Modification Decadriver and Rider Cards, it is Diend’s turn to steal the spotlight.

In every Complete Selection Modification Decadriver was a small slip of paper that said “Coming Soon…” with a picture of Diend’s logo. This lead many to assume an upcoming announcement of a Complete Selection Modification Diendriver. Considering the initial DX release in 2009 lacked a card scanner, the toy was met with negative reviews, with many hoping it would receive a Complete Selection Modification treatment.

The set will include the Diendriver, along with Diend’s belt and card holster. The belt itself is roughly the same as that found in the CSM Decadriver, but with a plastic unit that has Diend’s logo housed in the middle. A Diend Kamen Ride Card is shown in the advert, but the page does not yet specify how many cards the set will include. No other details about the set are known at this time.

What is known is that the set will cost ¥17,280 before shipping and fees and will be released in October, 2015. Pre-orders will begin on April 24, 2015 and will end on July 6, 2015. More information on the set will be revealed by Premium Bandai before pre-orders begin.

Source: Premium Bandai

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