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Next Time on Ressha Sentai ToQger: Station 46

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Next Time on Ressha Sentai ToQger: Station 46

ToQger ep 46

Right heads to Castle Terminal in Station 46 of Ressha Sentai ToQgerThe Final Destination.

Station 46: The Final Destination
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Directed by Noboru Takemoto

Right transforms into a black ToQ-1, enveloped in the power of Darkness, yet he is still unable to overpower Zed, the Emperor of Darkness. Akira saves him but is heavily injured. He’s returned Tokatti and the others to their original child appearance and sent them back to Subarugahama. Right, now with Akira at his side, heads for Castle Terminal. After getting rid of some Crows, they battle Baron Nero and Marchioness Mork.

Tokatti and the others have returned to their former lives in Subarugahama. They have fun at their secret base but Mio is puzzled by the number of chocolates she has in her pocket. There are only 4 of them but there are 5 chocolates…

Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei

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