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Show Aikawa, Zebraman, to Feature in Garo: Makai Flower


Show Aikawa, Zebraman, to Feature in Garo: Makai Flower


The official Garo YouTube channel has released a new trailer for its latest series, Garo: Makai Flower, revealing that Show Aikawa (Zebraman 1 & 2) will be starring in an undisclosed number of episodes.

Show Aikawa has starred in various Japanese movies over the past 25 years, many of which are yakuza-based. In 2004 and once again in 2010, Aikawa starred in the tokusatsu hero spoof movies, Zebraman and Zebraman 2, as the main hero. Both movies were directed by famous Japanese movie director, Miike Takashi (Ichi The Killer, Audition).


Aikawa as Zebraman

Garo is an action drama where Makai Knights hunt Horrors, monsters lurking in the dark, to protect humanity. After its success, it spawned multiple spin-off movies and sequels, including its latest season Garo: Makai Flower and a new protagonist, Raiga Saejima.

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Source: GARO Official YouTube Channel

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