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Next Time on Kamen Rider Drive Episode 1

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Drive Episode 1


The latest Kamen Rider series begins next week with episode one of Kamen Rider Drive, “Why My Time Has Stopped“.


Episode 1: Why My Time Has Stopped
Written by Riku Sanjo
Directed by Ryuta Tasaki
Action direction by Hirofumi Ishigaki
Effects direction by Hiroshi Wakita


A high number of attempted murders have taken place. At the same time, reports of decreased acceleration events, or “Thick Air” have arisen. Due to a certain case, the demotivated Special Cases Unit detective Shinnosuke finds a weird belt inside his car, Tridoron. The belt tells him to start taking things seriously. “What the hell?! The belt is attaching to myself!” Another incident takes place and Shinnosuke is dragged to the scene by the belt. And there, something incredible happens…

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Source: TV Asahi, Toei (images)

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