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New Kamen Rider Drive Abilities and Rival Revealed


New Kamen Rider Drive Abilities and Rival Revealed

New information about Kamen Rider Drive and his rival Mashin Chaser is revealed in the new Televi-Kun.

Mashin Chaser usually goes by the name of Chase when he is in his human form. He transforms by using the Brake Gunner, which can also be used as a gun. He’s an evil warrior that works with the Roimyuudo, his mission is to defeat Kamen Rider Drive. However, his job is also to punish the Roimyuudo that don’t follow their orders. He travels with his personal bike, the Ride Chaser.

The Roimyuudo’s goal is to eradicate humanity and take over the world. The Roimyuudo are sealed inside a network, but can be revived through the different Viral Cores. To the right, Brain (top) and Heart (bottom), the two of them are working to revive all 108 Roimyuudo. The Roimyuudo can take a human form and eventually evolve into stronger form. As pictured on the left, two evolved Roimyuudo, the Iron Roimyuudo (top) and the Paint Roimyuudo (bottom).

Whenever a Roimyuudo appears, they will cause everything around them to slow down to the point where you can’t even move.


Drive’s lair is called the Drive Pit. The Drive Pit is located underneath a driving school, and the special unit is also located at the driving school instead of the police station.


Other Shift Cars include Cab and Mixer. Cab allows Drive to create portals through the tire, he can only send one part of his body through the tire portal. Mixer can create concrete bullets as attacks through the “CannonCrete”.

Source: Televi-Kun November 2014 Issue

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