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Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver & Rider Cards Announced


Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver & Rider Cards Announced


Premium Bandai has officially announced the sixth and seventh entries into their Complete Selection Modification series: The DecaDriver and Rider Cards.

After a few teasing shots from their toy shows, Bandai has officially unveiled the Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver. The Complete Selection Modification line is a line of Rider Belts and other role play items that are made with the adult collectors in mind. They often feature more paint details, bigger belt straps, and higher quality materials and decor than the DX counterparts. Being sold alongside the DecaDriver is the Complete Selection Modification Rider Cards. Like the previously released Rider Card Archives series, this set features a collection of Rider Cards used by Kamen Rider Decade over the run of the show. Shown in the image below are various Kamen Ride, Form Ride, Attack Ride, Final Form Ride, and Final Attack Ride cards from throughout the show. The powerless transformation cards are even shown in the background, implying that this set really will be a “Complete Selection.”


Both items will be released in February 2015. The DecaDriver will cost ¥12,960 while the Rider Cards will cost ¥7,560. Pre-orders will begin on October 24, 2014 and run until January 6, 2015. Unfortunately, no further information such as accessories, sounds, and which cards are included in which products are known at this time. More information is expected to drop on October 24th when pre-orders for the product officially begin.

Both products are released through Premium Bandai exclusively. Those outside of Japan will require a middleman service to place your orders.

Source: Premium Bandai (DecaDriver), Premium Bandai (Rider Card)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hardboiled

    October 24, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Brian, thanks for the update on the CMS decadriver. Would you know of any reliable middleman who could order this for someone residing outside of japan?

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