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ToQger Rainbow Line Character Album Released


ToQger Rainbow Line Character Album Released


The Ressha Sentai ToQger Character Songs Rainbow Line album is now available for purchase. 

The Tokusatsu Network previously reported there is a character album for The Shadow Line. Now, The Rainbow Line gets its own character album.

The album, released August 13, includes songs from the cast of ToQger, members of the Rainbow Line, and both the beginning and ending theme songs for the show.

Track Listing:

  1. Choo-Choo Wagon – Wagon (Yui Horie)
  2. Ressha Sentai ToQger (beginning theme) – Daiki Ise
  3. Beyond The Blue Lens – Tokacchi (Jin Hiramaki)
  4. Green Anchor – Hikari (Ryusei Yokohama)
  5. Yellow Heart – Mio (Riria)
  6. I’m Going To Sing A Song, I’m Going To Sing A Song – Ticket (Kappei Yamaguchi)
  7. I Saw the Light – Right (Jun Shison)
  8. That Orange Guy I Dislike – Akira Nijino (Shin Nagahama)
  9. The Transforming Girl is Here! – Kagura (Ai Moritaka)
  10. ByunByun ToQger (ending theme) – Project R

The album is being sold for 3,024 yen.

Source: CD Japan

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