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Ultraman Ginga S Finishes Filming


Ultraman Ginga S Finishes Filming

ultraman ginga s

Ultraman Ginga S calls it a wrap and some of the cast weigh in on their experiences.

Ultraman Ginga S has finished filming both halves of the show and three of the cast members blogged about the crank up and gave their final thoughts about the show and their experience.


Takuya Negishi plays the lead role of Hikaru Raido/Ultraman Ginga. He wrote that because of the distance in age, he thinks of the cast and crew as family. He also thought that playing Ultraman Ginga was enriching because it was in a completely different context than what he was used to.


Yukari Taki, who plays UPG (Ultra Party Guardian) member Arisa Sugita, truly believes the bond that formed between the cast and crew will last a lifetime because the show was something as important as an Ultraman series. She also commented on how she grew especially close to Takahiro Kato, who played fellow UPG member Gouki Matsumoto.


Uji Kiyotaka, Shou/Ultraman Victory, revealed he was the only cast member who cried when the final cut was called. He also was very proud of his role in the show.

Ultraman Ginga S is airing in two halves. The first half is currently airing and will end September 2. The second half will begin airing on November 4 on TV Tokyo.

Source: Takuya Negishi Blog, Yukari Taki Blog, Ujji Kiyotaka Blog

Image Source: Ultraman Ginga Facebook

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