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New Form for Kamen Rider Ryugen Leaked


New Form for Kamen Rider Ryugen Leaked


Recent magazine scans reveal a new form for Kamen Rider Ryugen through the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed.

Yomotsuheguri is a word appearing in the Kojiki, the 8th Century text considered the oldest Japanese chronicle. Izanami, who had gone into the underworld, tells Izanagi, who had come to meet her that she had eaten food cooked in a pot fired in the Underworld, as such, she could not leave. Yomotsuheguri refers to the food, that only the dead can eat, and the act of eating it.

Ryugen Yomotsuheguri Arms is powerful enough to battle Gaim’s Kiwami Arms but at very high cost: The Lockseed steals the life of whoever uses it. Also, it causes its user great suffering.

In addition to the Budou Ryuhou and the Kiwi Gekirin, the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed also allows Ryugen to use Overlord weapons.

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