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[7/23 to 7/29] This Week in Toku Actor Blogs


[7/23 to 7/29] This Week in Toku Actor Blogs

Tsunenori Aoki 7-25

This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, the actors take time out of their busy filming schedules to take some time for themselves.

  • Professor Ryōma, Tsunenori Aoki, gives his impressions about the current TeniMyu national performance and posts a picture with fellow Gaim actors Yutaka Kobayashi (Kamen Rider Baron) and Mahiro Takasugi (Kamen Rider Ryugen).
  • Kamen Rider Baron, Yutaka Kobayashi, outside of posting about Kamen Rider Gaim, promotes his music group, BOYS AND MEN.

Yuumi Sida 7-27

Jun Shison 7-25

Kengo Ohkuchi 7-25

Shiono Akihisa 7-29

All images posted are from blogs and social media of various actors and linked to their date and source accordingly.

Re-introduced to the world of tokusatsu in 2013 and since then, it's all I can watch.

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