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Voice Actor Koji Yada Passes Away


Voice Actor Koji Yada Passes Away


Voice actor Koji Yada has passed away at the age of 81.

Koji Yuda passed away on Thursday at 2:19 PM JST after dealing with chronic liver failure. In an annoucement, his agency thanks him for his hard work over his lifetime and his fans for supporting him.

Although he had done many anime roles such as Libra Dohko in the original Saint Seiya and Doctor Gero in Dragon Ball Z, he was perhaps best known in the tokusatsu world as the voice of Evil in the 1975 series, Akumaizer 3.


Tetsu Inada, the voice behind Dekaranger’s Dekamaster, wrote on his twitter account as seen above, quoting a line directed towards a character Yada voiced saying he’ll never forget how much he has done for him.

Source: 0takumu via AnimeNewsNetwork, Tetsu Inada Twitter

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