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Kamen Rider The Diner Adds Gaim Meals to Menu


Kamen Rider The Diner Adds Gaim Meals to Menu


Kamen Rider The Diner announced via twitter this week that they will be adding Kamen Rider Gaim related meals to the menu.

Located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, for a limited time only, the Kamen Rider themed restaurant will be adding a roster of Kamen Rider Gaim themed dishes and drinks to its’ menu. Starting with:

  • Gaim Daidaimaru Ceviche – Based on Kamen Rider Gaim’s personal weapon, a ceviche dish with fresh seafood and fruits. 780 yen.
  • Mapo, Ha! Ha! Ha! – A mapo eggplant dish based on Kamen Rider Ryugen’s colors, with a hidden dash of grape vinegar. 780 yen
  • Gridon’s Grilled Iberian (It’s a pun in the name. Gridon’s based on acorns, which is donguri in Japanese. The dish is called Iberiko don guriru, Iberian pigs also eat acorns only) – A deliciously grilled Iberian pork dish based on Kamen Rider Gridon. 1180 yen.
  • Zangetsu’s Melon Parfait – A parfait with melons made to look like Zangetsu. 730 yen.
  • Baron’s BanaSpear Ice – Based on Kamen Rider Baron’s personal weapon, banana-flavored ice cream crepes. 780 yen.


  • Gridon Impact – Acorn Arms’ Gridon Drink. Fight with acorns and the Donkachi! 750 yen
  • Ryugen Grape – Grape Arms’ Ryugen Drink. Grape juice with tapioca. 730 yen.
  • Melon Energy Squash – Refreshing Melon Energy like it’s an attack from the Sonic Arrow. 590 yen.
  • Baron Banana Rush – Banana Arms’ Baron Drink. In a long and thin glass it’s as cool as Kaito Kumon. 720 yen.
  • Gaim Orange Soda – Orange Arms’ Gaim Drink. Features Gaim’s symbol. 720 yen.


The above is a collaboration with the drink Oronamin C, packed with vitamin C, are based off the four Energy Riders. Each drinks flavour coincides with the Riders’ Energy Lockseed. The cocktail mix is held in laboratory bottle for the customer to pour in and mix themselves. They all cost 550 yen each.

  • Oronamin C Melon Energy Squash – Drink the Melon Energy Squash and fire off your own Sonic Volley. It’s the Melon Energy Arms!
  • Oronamin C Lemon Energy Squash – Packs a mysterious flavor that doesn’t hold back. It’s the Lemon Energy Arms!
  • Oronamin C Cherry Energy Squash – Even unreasonable kid will enjoy drinking this. It’s the Cherry Energy Arms!
  • Oronamin C Peach Energy Squash – The Pink Rider, Malika! It’s the Peach Energy Arms!

While researching this article by attending and trying out the dishes, they were already sold out of the energy drinks.

Source: Kamen Rider The Diner twitter

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