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ToQger’s Newest Member – ToQ-6 Revealed


ToQger’s Newest Member – ToQ-6 Revealed

The latest issue of Televi-kun reveals about the name and backstory of the sixth member of the ToQger crew.

The ToQger crew will be joined by a sixth member under the name Akira Nijino. Akira Nijino transforms into ToQ-6 by setting the Build Ressha on his AppliChanger’s rail! Akira Nijino will be played by Shin Nagahama.

He works as a Rainbow Line lineman and ensures that it’s always safe to ride on the Rainbow Line tracks.

Akira used to be a member of the Shadow Line as a Shadow Monster, named Zaram. He once used to be a Shadow Monster that could control rain, but after one day seeing a beautiful rainbow, it causes a sense of justice to awaken in his heart. He now fights as ToQ-6 to protect the rainbows. Right is the one who gives him his name, Akira Nijino.

He’s so regretful of his past that he tries to find a place to die as he fights and his battle cry seems to be “Is this where I’ll die!?”

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Source: Televi-Kun 2014 July Issue

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