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Synopsis of Toei Summer Movies Revealed on Official Site


Synopsis of Toei Summer Movies Revealed on Official Site


The official website of the 2014 Toei Summer Movies has been updated with a synopsis of each movie.

Kamen Rider Gaim: The Great Soccer Playoffs! The Golden Fruit Cup!:
All Armored Riders gathered! In this world, scores are settled through soccer.

The Zawame Stadium is flooded with voices. The battle between Kōta Kazuraba’s Team Gaim and Kaito Kumon’s Team Baron was about to begin, however, it is not an Inves Games battle. It is a soccer match. The “All Rider Cup” is about to reach its climax.

Yuya Sumii, supposedly dead, is with Team Gaim. Watching over is Team Charmant comprised by Oren, Jonouchi and Hase. Team Genesis is Takatora, Sid and Yoko… They all aim for the “Golden Fruit” which is said to be granted only to the lone victor and can fulfill any wish.

Kōta notes something strange. Isn’t Zawame being invaded by the vegetation of the Helheim forest? Why are Hase and Yuya alive?

Also, who is the mysterious youth, Lapis, who has appeared before Kōta?

Something strange is happening indeed. A new Rider, who obtained the ultimate power of the “Golden Fruit”, has been continuously defeating Armored Riders. Who could be the one holding the key to this dark plot?!

Kōta is about to experience a danger without precedent!

Ressha Sentai ToQger the Movie: Galaxy Line SOS:
This time, Resshas are in space?! Galaxy Line, full ahead!!

The Galaxy Line runs in outer space. This line, just as the Rainbow Line, is born from humanity’s Imagination. However, the Safari Resshas that run on the Galaxy line are attacked by the Darkliner of the Shadow Line member in charge of outer space, Count Nile.

The front cart, which is shaped like a lion, gets cut off and arrives on Earth and the Rainbow line. However, it cannot go back to space due to insufficient energy. At this rate, the Galaxy Line itself could disappear.

Lady, the Conductor of the Safari Resshas, says it is because humanity’s Imagination is decreasing. Right, who still believes in humanity’s Imagination, thinks of a plan to get Lady and the Safari Resshas back in space. However, Count Nile and Hound Shadow stand between them and their plan.

Time is running out. Will the ToQgers be able to defend the Galaxy Line?

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