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Sayaka Akimoto Becomes a Makai Priestess for Garo


Sayaka Akimoto Becomes a Makai Priestess for Garo


Singer and actress Sayaka Akimoto (AKB48, Ecogainder) will be starring in the 4th season of the popular Tokusatsu drama, Garo: Makai Flower (Garo: Makai no Hana), as a Makai Priestess with a rather sexy outfit.

Garo is an action drama where Makai Knights hunt Horrors, monsters lurking in the dark, to protect humanity. After its success, it spawned multiple spin-off movies and sequels, including its latest season Garo: Makai Flower and a new protagonist, Raiga Saejima.

Sayaka Akimoto will be portraying Bikū, a Makai Priestess supporting Makai Knights. Her character’s background is still unknown, but fans should expect a lot from her amazing facial expressions and acting skills. When she arrived on the set, she was surprised over how high quality her outfit was. She further added “They’ve really calculated how to bring the most out of the outfit while making it suited for action scenes.

She was known for her strong physique while she was in AKB48, and the action in Garo will further show this. Even Sayaka herself said that fans will be able to see a completely new side of her, and that they should definitely look forward to it.

Garo: Makai Flower will go back to its roots, but with an all new cast. The new season starts airing April 4, 2014 on TV Tokyo.

Source: Cinematoday

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