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First GARO Anime Pictures at the Anime Tokyo 2014 Booth


First GARO Anime Pictures at the Anime Tokyo 2014 Booth


At Anime Tokyo 2014, held at Big Sight, various anime companies held booths showcasing the latest productions for the year. The Tokusatsu Network attended the show this year where the late-night tokusatsu drama series GARO presented its latest installment in the form of the anime series, GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames.

Anime Tokyo took up both of the main exhibit halls, filling them with countless booths accompanied by thousands of fans queuing up to catch a glimpse of the newest things. One of the biggest and most impressive booths of the show was GARO’s. Two walls of LED screens were dedicated to looping the intro to the next live action series, GARO – Makai Flower.

Inside was a combination of canvas stills of both new shows, memorabilia, the new Pachinko machine and civilian clothing from the show.

There was also a theatre showing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Makai Flower and a teaser trailer of The Carved Seal of Flames, all narrated by Zaruba (played once again by Kageyama Hironobu). The footage was very sparse, including mostly the shots above but very little in the way of full-motion animation or any kind of context. From the looks of trailer, the art style resembles a motion comic. There was absolutely no mention of details story-wise, but from the imagery, it’s set in either the past or a dystopian future.

Finally, a guy in a GARO suit stood outside the booth and posed for photos with visitors.


Special thanks to Sailor Otaku.

Source: Garo Project YouTube

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