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Garo : Makai Flower Plot & Characters Revealed


Garo : Makai Flower Plot & Characters Revealed


The official website of the fourth TV show in the Garo series, Garo: Makai Flower has been updated with with plot details and character biographies, including that it will begin airing in April.

Coming straight after the news from ZERO: Black Blood earlier this week, Garo Makai Flower will tell the story of the next in the line Garo title; Kouga’s son.

Story as follows…

If the deeds and crimes of the human world are shadow,
there is a flower that blooms with shadow, as if it were light.
When that flower blooms, light will become shadow
and it will be a servant to shadow for eternity.

Excerpt from the Makai Poem Compilation, chapter 99.

A long time ago, the magical beast Alice, once called Messiah’s Tear, was sealed in a stone tablet by the Makai priests, fearing its power. Nine magical beasts had to be used as a foundation. In the present, the stone tablet is displayed in a museum, the abhorrent past long forgotten. One night, a man dressed in black destroys the tablet and the nine Horrors are unleashed into the world.

Raiga Saejima, a Makai Knight belonging to the Blue Jurisdiction, is ordered by Priestess Jiiru to seal Alice again. Alice is hidden in one of the nine Horrors as a seed, waiting for its time to fully bloom. However, a special Madogu (or Makai Knight accessory – i.e Garo’s Zaruba ring) is necessary to seal it. Raiga will be visited by the Senate’s envoy with the Madogu. Using his deduction and action skills, Raiga is able to corner one of the released Horrors, Azdab. Garo and Azdab clash. A young girl, Mayuri, watches. She is the envoy from the Senate.

Will Raiga be able to reseal Alice? What is the Madogu that Mayuri brought from the Senate? What was the intention of the man who destroyed the tablet? Raiga will never give up, overcoming numerous obstacles. Garo, stop Alice’s full bloom!

The cast currently only features one reoccurring character from the previous series, Gonza (Yukijiro Hotaru), the faithful Saejima butler who, as of this new show, will be serving his third generation of Saejima men, all keepers of the title of Garo.

Raiga Saejima (Nakayama Masei)
Makai knight who inherited the title of Garo. He belongs to the Blue Jurisdiction and defeats Inga Horrors as a protector. He has both his father’s strength and his mother’s kindness. He is said to be the strongest Golden Knight in history.

Crow (Mizuishi Atom)
A stealthy Makai Knight hiding and living in the shadows. Wielding a katana-styled Makai Sword and a shuriken weapon called Enzan, he is not affiliated to any Jurisdiction, moving on his own.

Mayuri (Ishibashi Natsumi)
A woman dispatched from the Senate, she wields a mysterious power. She expresses little human emotion.

Gonza (Hotaru Yukijiro)
The butler serving the Saejima family, Raiga’s grandfather, father and now with Raiga himself.

Jiiru (Mamoru Asana)
A Priestess of the blue Watchdog. Calm and collected at all times. She looks like a young woman but her true form is unknown.

Zaruba (Kageyama Hironobu)
No details on Zaruba are listed, but he is stated as returning as supporting cast.

Source: Garo-Project

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