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Discotek Announces Kamen Rider Black Blu-ray Release

Discotek Media announces an English-subtitled Blu-ray release for Kamen Rider Black coming in 2023.

Following Discotek Media’s announcement of the Space Sheriff Gavan Blu-ray release (now available for purchase), they announced via Twitter that their next tokusatsu release will be 1987~1988’s Kamen Rider Black!

Announcement and Trailer

This set boasts all 51 episodes of the TV show in HD and with English subtitles across five discs plus a wide array of extras including a cast-and-crew reunion and an essay written by Mike Dent (who is also responsible for constructing the trailer featured in the above tweet).

Preorder links and release date have yet to be announced besides “2023,” but this well-received show will be a welcome addition to any tokusatsu fan’s media collection. Additionally, Kamen Rider Black Sun, a reimagining of this classic show, will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime starting October 28, 2022.

Source: Discotek Media’s Twitter



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