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Discotek Announces Space Sheriff Gavan Blu-ray Release


Discotek Announces Space Sheriff Gavan Blu-ray Release

Discotek announces Blu-ray distribution of Space Sheriff Gavan. The first Metal Hero will be available to own October 2022.

UPDATE (2022/08/05): A link to preorder the Blu-ray set has been included.

The home release of Space Sheriff Gavan was announced during Discotek’s panel at Otakon this weekend. As part of the release, a historical essay of the series was written by Mike Dent.

The series contains an English subtitles for every episode in high definition as well as a reunion discussion by lead actor Kenji Ohba and action director Osamu Kaneda.

Space Sheriff Gavan was announced for a October 2022 release. Preorders are now available through Rightstuf Anime.

Space Sheriff Gavan (1982-1983) was the first of Toei’s Metal Heroes series and of the Space Sheriff trilogy, starring Kenji Ohba. Ohba was already a tokusatsu veteran by this time having played Battle Kenya (Battle Fever J) and Denji Blue (Denshi Sentai Denziman), and he reprised all three of these roles in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Space Sheriff Gavan in 2012.

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