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Complete Style Gigantic Titan Sword Announced


Complete Style Gigantic Titan Sword Announced

The Complete Style Gigantic Titan Sword has been announced for release.

The recently-announced Complete Style Gigantic line from Premium Bandai has announced their first product for release. The CSG line is currently set to release the Titan Sword from Kamen Rider Kuuga. This weapon was exclusively used by Kamen Rider Kuuga in his Titan Form.

In contrast from the Complete Selection Modification line, which focuses primarily on transformation belts and corresponding accessories that interact with them, the newly-announced Complete Style Gigantic brand will focus on releasing weapon replicas from the Kamen Rider series. Unlike previous weapon replicas released by the CSM line that work in conjunction to the transformation belts (such as the Faiz Gear accessories, the Tajaspinner,  or the Blay Rouzer), the Complete Style Gigantic line will focus on commercially releasing weapons that are independent of the transformation belts or their gimmicks.

Pre-orders for the Complete Style Gigantic Titan Sword are currently set to go live on the Premium Bandai website on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 (Japan Standard Time).

Source: Bandai Rider Toy Official Twitter Account

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