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Yui Asakura Announces New Stage Name Hikari Kabashima

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Yui Asakura Announces New Stage Name Hikari Kabashima

Kamen Rider Revice‘s Yui Asakura left her previous agency (LIBERA) last year, and joined Across Entertainment.

Hikari Kabashima, formerly known as Yui Asakura, joined the voice acting and talent agency Across Entertainment. She opened her new Instagram account with her new stage name shortly after closing her previous Instagram account tied to LIBERA:

My name is Hikari Kabashima.

I have decided to join Across Entertainment. I will work hard in order to deliver wonderful performances for everyone. I look forward to your continued support.

Kabashima’s close friend, Ryo Sekoguchi, has also left LIBERA as of December 2022. Both parties were a very hot topic earlier this year when the tabloid magazine FRIDAY took a photo of the two under the suspicion that they were dating. The latter explained that she was seeking refuge in a friend in the midst of a stalker incident.

Kabashima played Hana Asakura / Kamen Rider Aguilera in Kamen Rider Revice (2021~2022).

Source: Instagram

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