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Yui Asakura Releases Personal Statement Regarding Stalking Incident

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Yui Asakura Releases Personal Statement Regarding Stalking Incident

Asakura with her index finger on her mouth, wearing a grey blouse

Yui Asakura releases a personal statement regarding her stalking incident reported on June 28, 2022.

Yui Asakura, who portrays Hana Natsuki / Kamen Rider Aguilera on Kamen Rider Revice, has recently been the target of “malicious stalking.” On July 5, She reported the details of the incident on her Instagram account:

“Dear everyone,

My apologies for worrying you. My office has disabled my ability to log in to Twitter, but luckily I can still use Instagram, so I want to tell everyone the truth in my own words.

On June 18 at noon, an unknown male passed through my auto-lock and sneaked into my home. He rode the same elevator as me and quietly snuck behind when I got off. He then hid behind a wall and secretly took photos of me. I had the authorities look through the security footage and confirmed everything that had taken place. There is a lot of evidence left on this matter. I have felt that someone was watching me for quite some time now.

That same night, I stayed with my friend Ryo Sekoguchi, and that’s when those photos of me got published in Friday.* Sekoguchi has been a family friend for a long time and is one of my most trusted friends.  His family also helped me for a short while. I am still shocked that this all happened on the same day, and I’m very afraid.

[*Friday is a weekly publication in Japan focused on news and celebrity gossip.]

And this evening, the intercom to my room from the other side of the auto-lock door rang repeatedly. I got scared and called the police because a delivery person would never go through an auto-lock without permission. According to the police, they believe that the person meets the requirements for a stalker and that they are continuing their inquiry as a breaking-and-entering. I reached out to my agency, but they barely gave more than a sound of disbelief.

I wanted to reach out to everyone on Instagram because I read my agency’s statement, and I felt that the information was being manipulated and the correct information was not being conveyed.

In this matter, I feel that they will not provide me with the necessary protection unless I go to them repeatedly. Also today, when I reached out to the police, I learned that they did not bother telling me that there had not been any proxy issued, so really, nothing was being done about my case.

With that said, I am very afraid, but I have to protect myself.

I want everyone to know the facts.

Once again, I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused.

Yui Asakura”

Source: Instagram

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