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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2022

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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2022

The next entry in the Monster Rancher series is all about kaiju from the Ultra Series, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

UPDATE (2022/07/02): Trailer has been switched with the newly released Bandai Entertainment America version, and wording has been altered to clarify the game’s features using language from that trailer. The game has now been announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment America at Anime Expo 2022, and this information is now included.

On June 28th, Nintendo released its latest Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, but fans of Ultraman and the Ultra Series in Western countries might have missed an announcement from the Japanese version of the showcase. Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher was announced for release later in 2022. Bandai Namco Entertainment America later announced a US release at Anime Expo 2022.

The Monster Rancher games are about breeding and raising monsters for battle. In this entry, kaiju making appearance in the game include Gomora, Zetton, Alien Baltan, Dada, and Sevenger alongside a variety of others teased in key art. Kaiju can be summoned using “Summoning CDs.” The official Japanese website explains that this works by entering the titles of songs or names of artists. Alternatively, players can use NFC cards with the Nintendo Switch joy-con or pro controller.

By combining kaiju together, players can create new breeds. In addition to summoning and taking care of famous kaiju from Tsuburaya and Ultraman history, players will use training drills such as watering crops and making snow sculptures to strengthen their kaiju. Players will then send them into battles and races against other rival kaiju. The trailer also highlights an adventure mode where players and their kaiju will “explore uncharted lands.”

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher will be available later in 2022.

Source: Japanese Nintendo Official YouTube channel, Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube channelUltra Kaiju Monster Rancher official website

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