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Tsuburaya Announces Ultraman Regulos Spin-Off


Tsuburaya Announces Ultraman Regulos Spin-Off

Tsuburaya Productions have announced a new spin-off for Ultraman Regulos.

On July 1, Tsuburaya Productions announced that following the success of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, a new hero introduced in that series would be receiving a spin-off. Ultraman Regulos is currently in production. To coincide with this announcement, a special commemorative video compiling the highlights of Regulos’ appearance in The Destined Crossroad was unveiled to promote this production.

The upcoming Tsuburaya Imagination original work was announced after the release of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad‘s final episode was released on the platform. It has also been confirmed that voice actor Shugo Nakamura will continue to voice Ultraman Regulos.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad is currently streaming on Tsuburaya Imagination in Japan. Meanwhile, it is internationally available for rental on the Ultraman Connection website.

Source: Tsuburaya Global, Tsuburaya Station

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