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Kaiju Sunset Crowdfunding Campaign Now Underway


Kaiju Sunset Crowdfunding Campaign Now Underway

A tokusatsu-inspired graphic novel about daikaiju (giant monsters) is now crowdfunding on Zoop. An 8-page preview is available.

Comic Trailer

Kaiju Sunset is an upcoming graphic novel by Geoffrey D. Wessel about giant monsters called daikaiju and the environmentalist group seeking to save them with their giant robot. It’s currently being crowdfunded through Zoop.

This book features a main cover by Norrie Millar and a variant by Zander Cannon. While only 8 pages are currently finished and can be seen on the Zoop campaign page, the final book will contain 48 pages. The team hopes to ship in November 2022 if the project reaches its $9,500 goal by June 30.

“Daikaiju are on the loose! In a world troubled by pandemic, food shortages, debt and fascism, Natalie Okwuono leads a radical environmentalist group, rescuing daikaiju from death and destruction with their very own giant mech. But what happens when Natalie discovers the dark secret behind her mission, and what her team have really been accomplishing?

Kaiju Sunset offers an alternative look at the daikaiju v. giant robots genre, with a diverse team of radical environmentalists working to save the kaiju rather than destroy them, in a world on the verge of social and environmental collapse! A mysterious message to the team’s leader, Natalie Okwuono, leads her to question what her team is doing, and discover the real goal behind the rescue mission, before it’s too late for the entire planet!

Kaiju Sunset delivers a done-in-one, 48-page tale of thrills, suspense, robots, monsters, and more importantly, trying to get by in a world falling apart by the minute.“

Reward tiers for backing Kaiju Sunset range from $10~$90 with perks including prints, copies of the finished book, and the variant edition. A tip jar option is also available for those who wish to contribute with no perk.

Add-ons available include a series of prints, art commissions, and even the option to appear as a character in the finished book. The latter two add-ons have limited availability.

Those who wish to help fund the project and pre-order their copy can submit their pledge through the official campaign site on Zoop.

Source: Kaiju Sunset Zoop Campaign

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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