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TokuNet Podcast #71 – Tokusatsu News Highlights (Sept. 2021)


TokuNet Podcast #71 – Tokusatsu News Highlights (Sept. 2021)

On this month’s episode of the TokuNet Podcast, we discuss some of the biggest tokusatsu news items of the past month.

This month, we’re trying something a bit different with the podcast. Instead of focusing on a specific topic for the episode, we wanted to try doing a bit of a tokusatsu news roundup for the previous month (at the time of recording, that would have been September 2021). So, in this episode we talk about Shin Kamen Rider, LGBTQIA representation in Power Rangers Dino Fury, Kaizoku Sentai 10 Gokaiger, and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad along with a couple other topics.

Let us know what you think of this format and if you have any suggestions for news items you’d like to hear us discuss in a future episode, leave a comment down below!


Podcast Editor: HenshinKitty

Podcast Feature Art by Travis Butts

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