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The High School Heroes Cast Leave Final Messages


The High School Heroes Cast Leave Final Messages

Cast members of The High School Heroes share final messages leading up to the show’s finale.

On September 18, The High School Heroes, starring Johnny’s Entertainment’s unit Bishounen, aired its final episode. Will peace be restored to the school? What will happen to our high school heroes? On the drama’s official Twitter account and on TV-Asahi, several cast members share final messages in the minutes leading up to the finale’s airing.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Itsuboshi Academy, a school covering elementary, junior high, and high school education. Boasting excellent grades and excellent conduct, the honor students also face the usual troubles of social media, grades, love, and club activities. The headmaster is concealing a problem in order to maintain the school’s image, but there’s a “demon” on the grounds…

To realize his 10-year ambition, the headmaster plans to use this demon, born from the weakness of people’s hearts. Is there no hero team to maintain peace?!

From Arata Sato (Kageki Gouda)

Can peace be restored to the academy?
What conclusion awaits us there?
Stay hyped until the end!

Lastly, will Kageki regain his senses?
Please, you have to watch until the very end.

From Issei Kanasashi (Ichika Sakurai / MomoHero)


One highlight is where Hyuga makes up his mind and the six of us enter battle with the strongest Majin.

Because my character, Ichika Sakurai, is transgender, I was concerned and often discussed my role with the directors to perform well. I’m glad I could act with the gestures and speech patterns in mind.

This is a finale with lots of feelings wrapped in, so please give it a watch!


One highlight of the finale is an action scene with all six of us helmetless.
Look forward to a great ending.

I was able to do my best thanks to everyone’s help.

I hope everyone watches to see what happens to the six of us.

Don’t miss this final episodes and its high-impact scenes!

From Naoki Fujii (Naoya Morimura / MidoHero)


The High School Heroes saw a shocking development in episode 7. I can’t believe we learn that Mr. Amari is the Black Cross Majin. And just what is Headmaster Sumitomo’s, Kageki’s father’s, big scheme?

Can the Academy Defense Club’s members’ power, techiniques, and unity defeat the last boss?!

We put our whole bodies into the action here, so don’t miss this finale!


As the dance team captain, I’m very glad I could make the ending dance.
Let’s dance together at the end~

It was fun being the school’s most popular guy these past three months.

We’ll show you a moving finale with our bonds. To everyone watching, please send us your strength!

From Hidaka Ukisho (Hyuma Oura / GinHero)


My highlight of the finale just has to be the action scenes of the six of us together.

Compared to where our helmets are on, I think there’s more impact to us fighting with them off. We put a lot of effort into this scene specifically. It’s also showy with the number of acrobatics in it.

There hasn’t been any scene as great as the one of us gathered together.

And the final scene is very moving. I just had to cry. Please watch it!


We made this production so you can think this was the best summer.
It’s been so fun I’d like to keep filming this forever.

I bet you want to know what’ll happen in the end with GinHero, right?
This is a great finale that’ll move you and make you laugh.
Please cheer for us all the way through!

From Yuto Nasu (Yusuke Takigawa / AoHero)


In these three months of filming, it’s all been stimulating to learn.

I’ve gotten to do after-recording, to wear a hero suit, and to transform, all for the first time.

In episode 8, we’re about to enter a decsive battle against the final boss. I hope many people will see these heroes who never lose hope even when backed into the corners of fierce battles.

May we meet as heroes once again. Enjoy the finale!


We’re at the finale.
To be honest, I think it’s incredibly moving.

It’ll please me if we can convey that we never gave up till the end.

The High School Heroes will remain in our hearts and in everyone’s hearts forever.

Thank you so much for supporting us!

From Ryuga Sato (Ryuhei Domon / KiHero)


We’re at the finale now. What’ll happen at the final climax? Can peace at school be protected? I think there’s much to look out for, so don’t miss any of the stunning developments!

Look forward to The High School Heroes!


The finale’s come too soon.

It’s lonesome, but awesome things will happen like what happens with Taisei’s memories.

Our helmetless action scene is super cool, so burn it into your eyes!

Please dance with us at the end.

From Taisho Iwasaki (Taisei Manaka / AkaHero)


After a shocking conclusion to episode 7, what will happen with Taisei?

With Mr. Amari as the Black Cross Majin, the Academy Defense Club is in serious trouble! Between the black curtain that’s Headmaster Sumitomo and Taisei not waking up, what will be on the Academy Defense Club?! And all six members are going into a final battle!

This is the finale! It’s so moving!! I cried.


This is it, the finale.

What will happen to Taisei?
I couldn’t take my eyes off until the very, very end, so please watch it for yourselves!

I’m happy for the support you’ve shown the six of us all this time!

Sources: Twitter, TV Asahi

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