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Sachiko Kobayashi Cast as Junretsuger’s Final Boss

Casting Announcements

Sachiko Kobayashi Cast as Junretsuger’s Final Boss

Enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi will play the final boss, Queen Furo-de-warsa, in Super Battle Junretsuger premiering September 10.

The heroes have been introduced.

The generals have been introduced.

Now, Super Battle Junretsuger reveals the rest of its cast, including its final boss.

The supporting cast are as follows:

  • Arisa Deguchi as the fortune-teller (top left)
  • Eishin (top right) and Yu Miyazawa (bottom right) as detectives investigating the bath house
  • Megumi Matsushita (bottom left) as a bath house employee,
  • Eri Fuse, Yutaka Nakashima, and Keiko Shinohe (middle) as the hot spring goddesses, and
  • Kiyoshi Maekawa and Ayako Kobayashi (not pictured).

The final boss, Queen Furo-de-warsa, will be played by enka singer and actress Sachiko Kobayashi. Queen Furo-de-warsa has lived for over 3000 years and is followed by her four generals.

Super Battle Junretsuger will premiere in theaters across Japan on September 10. The spin-off drama Junretsu’s Love Onsen ~Tour of Famous Onsen Throughout Japan is available to watch for subscribers of the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

From Sachiko Kobayashi

From the start, Junretsu told me, “We’re doing a movie, and we want you to be in it,” so I thought it’d be fine to play a queen. Then I read the script and found out that I’m a villainous spirit that’s lived for thousands of years! It was too late to turn down the role, so I chose to give it a try. And I was quite surprised at how interesting this last boss, this Furo-de-warsa, is! But why am I so big? Not that I have a problem being that gigantic. (laughs) I’m very satisfied with my role. This is a movie with cute, silly scenes as well as wholesome scenes that show the Junretsu members’ kindness.

From Kazuyoshi Sakai

The theme behind the casting is “gratitude”, so we wanted to take this movie to one of the birthplace of tokusatsu heroes. We wanted to work with Toei’s recording staff, composers, health center, and everyone else we could. Kiyoshi Maekawa is our savior. He brought Junretsu together, came with us to many places, and guided us when members quit. Sachiko Kobayashi has also been a great help to us. Junretsu was supposed to appeared in her new music video “Goodbye, Poker Face,” but although we turned the appearance down, she smiled and told us to do our best as if nothing had happened. This is our first movie, so for all they’ve done for us, we wanted the two of them in our movie no matter what.

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