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Kamen Rider Saber Cast Digital Photo Book Announced


Kamen Rider Saber Cast Digital Photo Book Announced

TOEI has announced a digital photo book featuring the cast of Kamen Rider Saber will be available through Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

TOEI has announced the release of new digital photo book featuring the primary cast of Kamen Rider SaberThe cast photographs  from the digital photo book include:

  • Syuichiro Naito (Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber)
  • Takaya Yamaguchi (Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades)
  • Asuka Kawazu (Mei Sudo)
  • Ryo Aoki (Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada),
  • Yuki Ikushima (Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster)
  • Eiji Togashi (Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan)
  • Hiroaki Oka (Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash)
  • Tomohiro Ichikawa (Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou)
  • Mei Angela (Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela)
  • Ken Shonozaki (Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal)
  • Robin Furuya (Storious/Kamen Rider Storious)
  • Kyle Takano (Legiel), and
  • Koji Saikawa (Zoous)

The photographer for the digital photo book is Junji Hata, known for his work in the GQ Japan and Men’s Non-no fashion magazines, as well as hair stylist Hiro Tsukui. Masahiro Mura served as the creative director and stylist for the project, while Yosuke Nakajima served as the make-up artist and Fumihiko Nishida served as the lighting director. Additionally, the videos for the digital photo book were shot and edited by fellow cast member Robin Furuya.

The Kamen Rider Saber Cast Digital Photo Book is set to release in late September of 2021 to subscribers of the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

Source: TOEI

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