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Kamen Rider Revice Belt Sounds to be Performed by Shingo Fujimori


Kamen Rider Revice Belt Sounds to be Performed by Shingo Fujimori

Shingo Fujimori, best known as part of the comedy duo “Oriental Radio” is cast as the voice of the ReviceDriver.

On August 29th, it was announced that Kamen Rider Revice‘s belt will be voiced by Shingo Fujimori. Shingo Fujimori is best known as being part of the comedy duo, “Oriental Radio” alongside Atsuhiko Nakata. He is also part of a music and dance group, RADIO FISH alongside Nakata and others. He is in charge of vocals and lyrics for the group. Fujimori was chosen to voice the belt to contrast the protagonists. While both Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice have very strong and powerful personalities, Fujimori will provide a more bright and cheerful voice.


In response to his casting, Fujimori had this to say:

It’s a great honor to be able to voice the belt’s sound effects.
When I heard about the story, I was thrilled.
I’m extremely happy to be involved with the heroes I admired as a child.
Nowadays, Kamen Rider is no longer just for children, but for adult fans as well.
I hope I can bring justice to this role so everyone can enjoy this show.
I want to do my best to give the kids watching hopes and dreams as well as
live up to the expectations of the adult fans as well.
It’s a big responsibility to work on such a milestone such as the 50th anniversary.
My hope is when the children watching Revice grow into adults, they’ll have fond memories of the belt’s voice. 

Kamen Rider Revice will debut in Japan on September 4th.


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