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Ultraman Z Receives 2021 Seiun Award for Best in Media


Ultraman Z Receives 2021 Seiun Award for Best in Media

Ultraman Z wins the 2021 Seiun Award for best in media, the division that covers TV, cinema, video games, and more.

Ultraman Z recently has received the Seiun Award for best in media. From April 24th to June 15th, voting took place by the participants of the 60th Science Fiction Convention. This division of the Seiun Award focuses around all media, covering theatre, TV, video games, and more.

The Seiun Award is a yearly award for the prior year’s science fiction works and related genres in Japan. It is organized by the Science Fiction Fan Groups’ Association of Nippon and is the oldest science fiction award in Japan. Other works in the Ultra series that have won the Seiun Award is Ultraman Tiga in 1998, and the novel Ultraman F in 2017 in the “Best Japanese Long Work” category.

An award ceremony for Ultraman Z will take place on August 21st, 2021 during the 60th Japan Science Fiction Convention.

Source: 2021 52nd Seiun Awards 

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