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Kiramager’s Yodonna Special and ASMR Release Date Announced


Kiramager’s Yodonna Special and ASMR Release Date Announced

Yodonna will release in August alongside an ASMR set starring the villainess.

Toei’s previously announced special about the villainess of Mashin Sentai KiramagerYodonna, now has a confirmed release date of August 8th. Alongside this special’s release, a series of ASMR tracks starring Yodonna is also being sold on the Mimi-kyun voice app.

Yodonna will see the titular villain (played by Nashiko Momotsuki) return to form a “powerful combination” with Kiramai Red’s classmate, Mizuki Kakihara (played by Mizuki Saiba), for her latest plan. While details of the plot were left unclear, the previously released trailer and newly revealed set photos suggest that girls dressed as maids are involved.

”Yodonna ~ Mimi-kyun Version” is a set of ASMR voice tracks starring Momotsuki as Yodonna which will be available for purchase through the Japanese Mimi-kyun voice app. The set contains 6 tracks scripted by Kiramager’s head writer, Naruhisa Arakawa. Below is the list of tracks:

1. Yodonna’s Special Training

2. Yodonna’s Child-Rearing

3. Yodonna’s Sweet Scheming

4. Yodonna’s Fierce Fight

5. Yodonna’s Scolding

6. Yodonna’s Good Luck Superstitions

ASMR videos and audio tracks are popular types of media intended to induce positive tingling and other sensations categorized as “autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR).

Yodonna will be available to view on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (TTFC) app starting at 10 am JST on August 8th. At that same time, the “Yodonna ~ Mimi-kyun Version” ASMR set will be available for 2,200 yen through the Mimi-kyun app. The first track, “Yodonna’s Special Training,” will be available for TTFC members to listen to on the TTFC app the very same day.

Source: Toei

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