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Tsuburaya Announces Ultraman Day Events


Tsuburaya Announces Ultraman Day Events

On July 1, Tsuburaya announced several projects that will happen on Ultraman Day, July 10.

This year’s Ultraman Day (July 10) also marks the 55th anniversary of the Ultra franchise. As such, Tsuburaya has announced several events happening on the day. These include a special episode stream schedule, an anniversary heroes special, a special version of TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION MONTHLY ONLINE LIVE, and a Twitter giveaway.

Special Episode Streams

On Tsuburaya’s streaming platform TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION, a schedule of movies and episodes from anniversary series will be available for streaming. The schedule is as follows:

  • 9:30: Ultraman Trigger Episode 1
  • 10:00: Ultraman Episode 1
  • 10:30: Return of Ultraman Episode 30
  • 11:00: Ultraman Zearth
  • 12:00: Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light
  • 14:00: Ultraman Cosmos Episode 45
  • 14:30: Ultraman Mebius Episode 47
  • 15:00: Ultraman Orb Episode 22
  • 16:00: Ultraman 55th Anniversary Heroes Special
  • 19:00: TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION MONTHLY ONLINE LIVE ~ Takaya’s Room ~ Ultraman Day Special

Anniversary Heroes Special

The Anniversary Heroes Special, which will be available as part of the TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION stream, will feature several actors who played Ultraman protagonists from previous anniversary seasons. The special will feature Susumu Kurobe (Ultraman), Taiyo Sugiura (Ultraman Cosmos), Hideo Ishiguro (Ultraman Orb), and Yoriga Terasaka (Ultraman Trigger). The MCs are Mai Saito and Tomokazu Seki.


“TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION MONTHLY ONLINE LIVE ~ Takaya’s Room ~”, which is held once a month, will have a special version for Ultraman Day.

The guests are Kengo Manaka, Yoriga Terasaka, Yuna Shizuma, and Runa Toyoda from Ultraman Trigger.

‘Memories with Ultraman’ Twitter Campaign

Tsuburaya Production’s official Twitter is running a ‘Memories with Ultraman’ event, which runs from July 1 to July 10. Anyone who posts their Ultraman memories, such as toys or event photos, and tags them with #710はウルトラマンの日 (‘7/10 is Ultraman Day’), has a chance to win one of 55 Ultraman posters. The poster design will be announced on July 10.

Source: Tsuburaya

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