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Poster and Trailer Revealed for Daikaiju No Ato Shimatsu


Poster and Trailer Revealed for Daikaiju No Ato Shimatsu

The trailer and poster were revealed for Daikaiju No Ato Shimatsu. An upcoming Kaiju film produced by Toei and Shochiku to release in 2022.

Back in February 2020, it was announced that Toei and Shochiku would co-produce an upcoming Kaiju comedy movie titled Daikaiju No Ato Shimatsu. The film features an original script, by director Satoshi Miki, focused on the aftermath of a Kaiju’s appearance and subsequent death. The unprecedented crisis may be over, but how does a country respond to a giant creature’s corpse? Shooting commenced within the spring of 2020. Almost a year later, in July of 2020, a poster and teaser trailer were revealed.

Ryosuke Yamada plays Arata, a special task force member assigned to “cleaning up” the monster’s corpse. He is overseen by the secretary of the Minister of the Environment Yumiko Amamoto, played by Tao Tsuchiya (Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial). According to Toei’s president Noriyuki Tada, the movie will be very interesting in its comedic tackling of real-world political and environmental issues.

The film’s monster was designed by Shinichi Wakasa. A modeler acclaimed for his work on the Heisei and Millennium Godzilla movies. It stands 155 meters tall and is 380 meters long. The monster’s name is yet to be announced.

Toei and Shochiku’s upcoming Daikaiju No Ato Shimatsu will release theatrically in Japan in 2022.

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