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Kamen Rider Specter x Blades Premieres on TTFC June 27


Kamen Rider Specter x Blades Premieres on TTFC June 27

Following the story of Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost, a Kamen Rider Specter x Blades crossover movie will be viewable via the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club starting June 27.

On June 27, Toei announced that a new Kamen Rider crossover movie, Kamen Rider Specter x Blades, has been made available to watch via the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (TTFC). This special continues the story of Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost, another TTFC-exclusive special.



Rintaro and Mei encounter a clone of Kanon (C-Kanon). Unaware of the situation, Rintaro is astonished by C-Kanon’s strength. After running into the original Kanon, they try to stop C-Kanon from going berserk, but they can’t get through to her. Danton’s remaining followers arrive and come after C-Kanon. Rintaro transforms into Blades to fight against them, but his sword is ineffective against Ganma technology, and Kanon’s in a tight spot herself! Her brother, Makoto Fukami, suddenly appears holding a Wonder Ridebook…

This special also marks the appearance of Kamen Rider Blades Specter Gekkou Senki and Kamen Rider Kanon Specter!

This is Kanon’s first transformation as Kamen Rider Kanon Specter. Donning a lovely white and pink suit, what kind of fighting style will she use?

Kamen Rider Blades takes on this form using the Specter Gekkou Senki (trans. Specter Furious Battle Records) Ridebook, a movie-exclusive form that won’t be seen on TV!

Actors’ Comments

Shun Nishime (Takeru Tenkuuji / Kamen Rider Ghost)

For these movies, I rewatched Kamen Rider Ghost from the first episode, but I tried to imagine what Takeru would be like five years later. I played Takeru considering what he’d be like as a 23-year-old adult while keeping his good qualities.

In continuing the story from the v-cinema Ghost RE:BIRTH Kamen Rider Specter, I feel it’s not only out of love for Kamen Rider Ghost but for the Kamen Rider series as a whole. For this, I’m really thankfuly to the writer, Takuro Fukada. I’m not sure which are the key scenes are, but I’m really happy that he brought out Ghost’s as well as Takeru’s good points in the script, all without losing sight of the series even after all these years.

I think Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost and Kamen Rider Specter x Blades could be made because it’s been five years in reality. Otherwise, I don’t think the story would be as compelling. Because we’ve continued the story of Kamen Rider Ghost, you can really see how Takeru, Makoto, and Kanon have grown up.

This movie is a must-see for fans of Kamen Rider Ghost. It’d make me happy if you could see how I’ve improved, especially compared to how I was in Ghost‘s first episode. I’ve put in everything I’ve learned since then, so please give it a watch!

Ryosuke Yamamoto (Makoto Fukami / Kamen Rider Specter

I made a brief appearance in Kamen Rider Zi-O, but to be invited back for this makes me really happy. This is thanks to fans asking if Makoto would appear in a continuation when Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost came out, so I’m looking forward to seeing your reactions.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the filming sites, but it felt like I was right at home. The filming wasn’t for long, but it was nostalgic and all very fun. I’m grateful that “Makoto” as a character is still around after all this time. I’m just so thankful.
It makes me happy that Kamen Rider Ghost and Makoto still remains in fans’ hearts. I bring back ‘that line’ too, so look forward to it!

Mio Kudo (Kanon Fukami, Kamen Rider Kanon Specter)

When I played Sayo Oharu in Mashin Sentai Kiramager over a year ago, I wasn’t sure if I could play such a different character from Kanon, and I was worried about fans only seeing me as Kanon. However, continuing the story of Kamen Rider Ghost and Ghost RE:BIRTH Kamen Rider Specter years later and the Fukami siblings making a full return has made me pleased to play Kanon again. It was fun.

I feel like fans have been carrying Kanon in their hearts for a long time. It’s thanks to you that this movie was made, and we’ve considered your feelings as we made it. I’m very grateful to everyone for this. Thank you so much.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch Ghost RE:BIRTH. I think you’ll enjoy Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost and Kamen Rider Specter x Blades more that way. It’d be great if you immersed yourselves in rewatching Kamen Rider Ghost too.

There are exciting action scenes and lots of little spoilers that I want to point out. There are things to surprise both you and me, so please see the movie!


Original Work: Shotaro Ishinomori
Script: Takuro Fukada
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Makoto Fukami / Kamen Rider Specter: Ryosuke Yamamoto
Kanon Fukami / Kamen Rider Kanon Specter: Mio Kudo
Rintaro Shindo / Kamen Rider Blades: Takaya Yamaguchi
Touma Kamiyama / Kamen Rider Saber: Shuichiro Naito
Takeru Tenkuuji / Kamen Rider Ghost: Shun Nishime
Mei Sudo: Asuka Kawazu
Tassel: Les Romanesque Tobi

Kamen Rider Specter x Blades is currently available to watch via the TTFC as of June 27. Behind the scenes footage of Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost and Kamen Rider Specter x Blades will also be available to watch on the TTFC in July and August.

Source: Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club

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