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Mayu Yokota to Play Adult Luna in Super Hero Senki


Mayu Yokota to Play Adult Luna in Super Hero Senki

Mayu Yokota will play an adult Luna, Touma’s childhood friend from Kamen Rider Saber, in Super Hero Senki.

On July 11, Toei revealed that Mayu Yokota will play an adult Luna in the upcoming double anniversary movie Super Hero Senki. Luna is a childhood friend of Kamen Rider Saber‘s protagonist Touma Kamiyama (played by Syuichiro Naito) who was sucked into a vortex when the Sword of Logos began their war with the Megid. Her whereabouts are unknown in the TV series, but it seems she will be able to meet Touma as an adult within the events of Super Hero Senki.

Mayu Yokota’s Remarks

When I took on the role of an adult Luna, I watched all of the Kamen Rider Saber episodes up till now and realized how important Luna is. I want to play Luna in such a way that won’t ruin fans’ dreams nor will embarrass Miku Okamoto who plays the child Luna.

Luna is a girl who continuously hopes for Touma’s happiness. In one scene, she kindly calls out Touma’s name, and just that one word is full of feelings like, “It’s okay,” “Don’t worry,” and “Thank you.” When we finished filming, Syuichiro Naito (Touma’s actor) said to me, “I felt Luna’s kindness when you called my name,” and that made me very happy. I hope my portrayal of Luna will reach everyone watching as well.


The movie Super Hero Senki celebrates both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai‘s respective anniversaries and milestones and boasts a wide range of guest actors and voice actors, both returning actors / voice actors and familiar names in new rolesSuper Hero Senki premieres in Japanese theaters on July 22.

Source: Toei

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