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Ultra Series Veteran Tadashi Mizuno Cast in Ultraman Trigger

Casting Announcements

Ultra Series Veteran Tadashi Mizuno Cast in Ultraman Trigger

Tadashi Mizuno has been cast in Ultraman Trigger as GUTS-Select pilot Tesshin Sakuma.

Veteran of the Ultra Series Tadashi Mizuno has been cast in Ultraman Trigger to play Tesshin Sakuma, a GUTS-Select pilot of the battleship ‘Nursedessei’. Mizuno also acted in Ultraman Geed as Haruo Kume, the store manager of Galaxy Market. The details of the Nursedessei have also been announced.

Anti-Monster Battleship “Nursedessei”

40 meters long and equipped with a particle cannon called the ‘Nurse Cannon’, the Nursedessei carries elite members of the expert team GUTS-Select into battle. Designed by Akito, it also houses Akito’s lab, where he analyzes mysterious stone tablets excavated from the ruins of Ultra-Ancient civilization.

Tesshin Sakuma

A hot-blooded fitness nut, Tesshin is the pilot of the Nursedessei. Having a poor sense of personal space, he earns the ire of Akito. Despite this, he is frank and honest with the rookie Kengo, earning him respect as an older brother figure.

Below is Mizuno’s comment from Tsubaraya:

Hello, everyone! I’m Tadashi Mizuno, and this time I’ll be playing Tesshin Sakuma in Ultraman Trigger.

Every day I am struck by how happy I am to be returning to the world of Ultraman for its 55th anniversary. I felt the passion in X, formed bonds in Geed, and this time in Trigger I will be bringing the love and take on the series and its monsters together with my wonderful, incredible comrades! We are all working together as hard as we can to ensure that everyone from new viewers to longstanding fans of Ultraman and tokusatsu will enjoy the show!

Our new history starts now. Ultraman Trigger, take off!

Source: Tsubaraya

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