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Katsuya Takagi Cast in Ultraman Trigger


Katsuya Takagi Cast in Ultraman Trigger

Tsubaraya has released new casting information for Ultraman Trigger, along with more information about GUTS-Select.

Tsubaraya has released the news that Katsuya Takagi will play Seiya Tatsumi, the captain of GUTS-Select, in the upcoming series Ultraman Trigger. New information has also been provided about GUTS-Select and their parent organisation, the Terrestrial Peaceable Union (TPU).

Terrestrial Peaceable Union

The Sizuma Foundation is a global mega-conglomerate leading the way even in space exploration. On one of their research missions, the Foundation’s leader, Chairman Mitsukuni, discovered a dark power threatening peace in the universe. In an effort to counter this grave danger, he worked to unite national governments across the planet, with the resulting organization called the TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union). The Japan Headquarters is home to Global Unlimited Task Squad, known as “GUTS-Select,” an expert team specializing in anti-monster operations.

Seiya Tatsumi

Tatsumi is the captain of the elite squad GUTS-Select. He is known for his ability to unite everyone in pursuit of peace, and for his perfect balance of strictness and kindness. From the anti-monster battleship Nursedessei, he leads the crew of GUTS-Select against the monsters threatening Earth.

Below is Takagi’s comment from Tsubaraya:

I’m honored to be taking on the role of the GUTS-Select Captain Seiya Tatsumi.

From the moment I was chosen to play the role, the excitement and pressure were so intense I could barely sleep for a full week – naturally because Ultraman has been my hero since I was a child. I couldn’t believe I was going to be a Captain!

When I was young, the heroes and defense team members on the show filled me with courage, motivation, and the power to hope. Now, it’s our turn to shoulder that responsibility and create a bright future for children and adults alike.

I’m all the more honored to be entrusted to play the role of Captain in the nonmemorable 55th anniversary of Ultraman and 55th anniversary of Ultraman Tiga.

My hope is that Trigger will capture the hearts of this generation, just as Tiga did with mine. I will put my utmost into making Trigger a powerful work beloved by those of all generations. Please enjoy the show!

Source: Tsubaraya

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