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Kamen Rider Saber DX Tategami HyoujuuSenki Wonder Ride Book Announced

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Kamen Rider Saber DX Tategami HyoujuuSenki Wonder Ride Book Announced

Bandai Toys announced their newest release in the DX Saber toy line, the DX Tategami HyoujuuSenki Wonder Ride Book from Kamen Rider Saber

Nagare Battou! Tategami tenkai! Subete o hikiishi tategami! Hyōjū Senki!” Tategami Hyoujuu Senki is Kamen Rider Blades’ lion-based final form accessed by using the Tategami Hyoujuu Senki Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver. This form allows him to control ice.

To transform, the user first needs to pressthe back button of the HyoujuuSenki Wonder Ride Book to play the title sound. Next, press the slide button down on the right side of the Wonder Ride Book to open the cover page. Then, insert it into the DX Seiken Swordriver (sold separately) and pull out out the Suiseiken Nagare (sold separately), which will open the mane of the Wonder Ride Book, rotating to transform. The mane will rotate once the user lowers the lever after the transformation is complete, allowing them to select an element. To activate the element, the user presses the slide button. Pressing the slide button to activate a standby sound and pulling the Suiseiken Nagare out causes the mane to rotate and the user will activate the a special finisher. Two LR44 button batteries are required and included.

The DX Tategami HyoujuuSenki Wonder Ride Book from Kamen Rider Saber will go for 3,630 Yen (tax included) and is scheduled for release on April 24, 2021.

Source: Bandai Toys

Also known as HebitsukaiLi Cosplay and @sentairidertaisen45 on Instagram, Charlie Li is a current MFA Student at New York School of Interior Design and a New York University Game Design BFA Graduate. He enjoys tokusatsu of all kind as well as anime and k-pop. His top 3 Sentai include: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, and Denji Sentai Megaranger.

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