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Sou Okuno and Fuka Koshiba to Star in NHK Tokusatsu Drama

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Sou Okuno and Fuka Koshiba to Star in NHK Tokusatsu Drama

Okuno and Koshiba will star together in a new NHK tokusatsu drama.

Sou Okuno (who played Sougo Tokiwa in Kamen Rider Zi-O) and Fuka Koshiba (who played Kano Nakamura in Tokusatsu Gagaga) will be starring in an NHK drama titled Chousoku Parahero Gundeen (translated as Highspeed Para-Hero Gundeen).


Sou Okuno will be playing Daishi Morimiya, a high school student whose dream is to become a wheelchair athlete. In addition to that, Fuka Koshiba will be playing Kei Fukai, a former track-and-field athlete, who becomes Daishi’s coach. One day, a handsome alien falls from the sky when Daishi was practicing with Kei, surrounded by his friends and father (who is employed at an old factory).

The handsome alien named Goo, after escaping a mass genocide somewhere in Earth’s binary star, warns Daishi and his friends that Earth is in danger. Then, a giant lizard-like monster who is after Goo, attacks Daishi’s household.

That’s when Goo’s Mode Shifter, begins to emit light, radiating Daishi. His body is completely transformed by a special protector.

The transformed Daishi charges at the monster while still in his wheelchair.

Chousoku Parahero Gundeen will have a total of three episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 will air on June 26 and July 3 respectively. While episode 3 will air on July 10.

Lastly, Episode 1 and 2 were written by Yukiko Manabe, and Episode 3 was written by Hirotoshi Kobayashi (Ultraman Taiga).

Source: NHK

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