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Dogengers Season 2 Trailer, Main Visual, and Cast Announcements


Dogengers Season 2 Trailer, Main Visual, and Cast Announcements

A trailer and main visual for Dogengers Season 2 have been released. New cast and staff members, including Katsuhiro Suzuki and Seiji Takaiwa, have also been revealed.

With the second season of Dogengers, titled Dogengers ~Nice Buddy~ announced to start on April 11, several new cast and staff members have been announced in addition to a trailer and main visual to advertise this new season.

From the trailer and visual, new hero Great-Z appears to join the Dogengers in their fight against Aku no Himitsu Kesha and its president Yabai Kamen. Katsuhiro Suzuki, known for playing Hiromu Sakurada / Red Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, will play Great-Z. Seiji Takaiwa, fondly known as “Mister Heisei Kamen Rider” for suit acting almost every titular Heisei Kamen Rider, will also appear in Dogengers ~Nice Buddy~ as the suit actor for Great-Z.

From left to right: Toshihiro Ogura, Makoto Ito, Tatsumaru Tachibana, Nobuhiro Suzumura, Tomokazu Seki, Yuji Kishi

Other cast/staff members include:

  • Co-director Nobuhiro Suzumura
  • Veteran suit actor Makoto Ito
  • Action Director Toshihiro Ogura (also another veteran suit actor)
  • and voice actors Tatsumaru Tachibana, Yuji Kishi (Kyosuke Jinnai / Red Racer, Gekisou Sentai Carranger), and Tomokazu Seki (Super Villain World, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie)

Dogengers is a tokusatsu program featuring local heroes from the Kyushu region of Japan and ran from April-June 2020. Dogengers ~Nice Buddy~ will start airing on KBC, KKB, and TOKYO MX on April 11 and KAB on April 17.

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