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Kamen Rider Store Opening In Osaka


Kamen Rider Store Opening In Osaka

The store will be open for one month and feature limited time goods. Premium Bandai is releasing an exclusive Wonder RideBook to celebrate.

The second Kamen Rider pop-up store will open this Saturday in Umeda, Osaka. This store will feature exclusive items paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider series, and a new Premium Bandai Wonder RideBook has been announced to commemorate the new store.

The new pop-up store will have a special photo spot exclusive to Kamen Rider Store Osaka and a visual with 37 legendary Riders of the past outside the store. Items will include 650 yen clear files, Kamen Rider Build mini tote bags for 2,200 yen, and an ink art mini towel for 660 yen.

Additionally, special Osaka Kamen Rider Store merchandise will be available. These will include a 2,750 yen tote bag, a 1,650 yen towel, and a 550 yen tin badge. Each item will have a special design with every Hesei era Kamen Rider on it.

Some items will also be available for pre-order at the store like the 15,000 yen Mega Axta (Acrylic Stand) Kamen Rider #1, Zero-One, and Kuuga figures. Each stands at 60cm tall. Kamen Rider 50th anniversary crackers featuring the Kamen Rider Store logo priced at 1,300 yen and the 1,800 yen YURU Shocker Mug can also be pre-ordered.

As a celebration of the store’s opening, the DX Birth of the Masked Gods (Hoshin Engi) Wonder RideBook is now available to pre-order on Premium Bandai for 1,100 yen.

Kamen Rider Store Osaka will be located on Floor 3 of Namco Umeda, and store hours will be 10 am to 10pm. The store will be open to the public starting Saturday, February 27th, and it will be open until Sunday, March 28th.

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