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AVEX Announces New Kamen Rider Live CD


AVEX Announces New Kamen Rider Live CD

A new Kamen Rider Live CD has been announced from AVEX.

AVEX has announced the release of a new Kamen Rider Live CD. The CD features live performances from the  “Super Hero Festival” and the anniversary event “Thanksgiving” released by “Hero x Music”! The CD features artists performing live music from a number of Kamen Rider series. This Live CD will allow listeners to experience the music of the “Super Hero Festival” from home or on the go.

Disc 1 Track Listing

1 REAL × EYEZ / J × Takanori Nishikawa

2 Another Daybreak / J × Takanori Nishikawa
3 Over “Quartzer” / Shuta Sueyoshi feat. ISSA
4 proud of you ~ Be The One / PANDORA feat. Beverly / Kamen Rider GIRLS
5 EXCITE / Daichi Miura
6 Wish in the dark / Hiroyuki Takami
7 Believer / Hiroyuki Takami
8 We think, therefore we are / Kishidan
10 JUST LIVE MORE / Gaim no Kaze
11 EXA (Exciting × Attitude) / Kamen Rider GIRLS
12 Ranbu Escalation / Kouta Sakuraba / Kaito Kumon (CV Gaku Sano, Yutaka Kobayashi)
13 Life is SHOW TIME / RIDER CHIPS × Project.R

Disc 2 Track Listing
1 Switch On! / Anna Tsuchiya
2 Saite / Kamen Rider GIRLS
3 Giant Step / Astronauts
4 COSMIC MIND / Astronauts
5 Anything Goes! / Maki Ohguro
6 POWER to TEARER / Eiji Hino & Akira Kushida (CV Shu Watanabe & Akira Kushida)
7 WBX ~ W-Boiled Extreme ~ / Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA

8 cod-E ~E no Angō~ / Mitsuru Matsuoka
9 Journey through the Decade / GACKT
10 Break the Chain / Tourbillon
11 Climax Jump / AAA

Disc 3 Track Listing
1 NEXT LEVEL / Beverly
4 Round ZERO ~ BLADE BRAVE / Nanase Aikawa
6 Justi φ’s / ISSA
7 The people with no name / mCA ・ T
8 Alive A life / Rica Matsumoto
9 Kamen Rider AGITO / Shinichi Ishihara
10 Kamen Rider Kuuga! / Masayuki Tanaka
11 Kamen Rider BLACK RX / Takayuki Miyauchi
12 Amazon Rider Koko ni Ari/ Masato Shimon
13 EAT, KILL ALL / Taro Kobayashi / NoB
14 HERO (Super Hero Festival 2020ver.) / Super Hero Festival 2020

* Some songs are subject to change

The Kamen Rider Live CD is currently expected to release in February 9, 2021.

Source: AVEX

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